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JennyJenny was apprehensive but excited as the plane touched down at Savannah airport. I had arranged a weekend at Hilton Head promising, “three days you’ll NEVER forget”, at a fantasy beach club for the adventurous. The South in August can seem like the hottest and most humid place on Earth. I felt a little sorry for my friend Jenny. Jenny’s parents were planning to spend the month touring the Orient and didn’t want to leave her alone at their home in upstate New York.* * * * * * *As I waited for Jenny to arrive at the airport, I realized I hadn’t seen her or her family for over two years. My job at an advertising firm just didn’t allow me to take too many trips. I had gone through a long, drawn-out divorce during the past year that had also forced me to stay in South. I hoped I would recognize Jenny. I thought of her pretty face and long blonde hair. I had always thought that she was a very beautiful woman.When Jenny came through the gate, I instantly recognized her. As she made her way through the crowd, my eyes feasted on her. She was wearing an orange dress that ended mid-thigh, which also revealed bared shoulders. Her skin was a deep brown from a summer of tanning, her hair long and blonder than ever, and her lips were full and pretty. My eyes then riveted to her breasts. They had perhaps grown the most since I had last seen her – full-sized, 36DD cups, I estimated.I drove through the gates of a large plantation and stopped in front of a huge mansion house. We carried our bags up the steps and I rang the bell. The door opened and a beautiful girl greeted us, about Jenny’s age in a sexy maid’s uniform. I told her who we were and she invited us inside. She took us to our suite that was large and nicely furnished with antiques.”After you’ve freshened up, please join the other guests for cocktails at the pool,” she said then left the room. I watched her walk down the long hall, her firm upturned ass swaying with each step. Jenny noticed my fascination with the servant girl.”I dear, you’re drooling. You like them young don’t ya” she teased.”She does have magnificent legs I’ll grant you that, but there will be more than enough of that later and all the more stamina, my dear Jenny, all the more stamina…” I replied.I picked a paper off the desk. “This is the agenda for the weekend. This afternoon is the pool party where we can meet the others and get acquainted.” I explained that the people who came here were all ‘adventurous’ in their own way. Some straight, some gay, but most were into scenes with both men and women. “You’ll see. It’s an opportunity to explore new territory and test your limits a little”. Jenny was biting her lower lip in an effort to control her self, then her tongue snaked out and licked her lips.”Mmmmmmmm, sound delightfully delicious” she laughed. “There are a few fantasies I want to act out that I never had the opportunity to do before” she said, with a mischievous glint in her eyes.We unpacked everything. Jenny rubbed her shoulder and said that someone should redesign those airline seats and make one that a human can sit in comfortably. She said that all that flying in those uncomfortable seats has made havoc to her muscles. Me being the quick one that I am (in more ways than one) walked over to Jenny and started massaging her shoulder.”Oh that feels so good,” she moaned.”You know,” I said with a sly grin on my face, “it works a lot better if I could massage your skin rather than your clothes. It usually works better that way.””Oh of course how silly of me” replied Jenny. So Jenny started to undress her self but I interceded.”Let me help you with those, you had a long hard day of traveling now its time to relax.” I saidWhile unpacking the clothes earlier I noticed some exotic oils in the bathroom. On the bottle, it said “good for baths and/or massages”. Well, I thought, I am giving her a massage, I found a bottle called “Cherry Flavored Love Cream” and I took that also. When I got back to the bedroom, I was greeted with a beautiful sight. Jenny was laying there on her back on the bed totally nude. God she is gorgeous I thought. I loved how soft and silky smooth her skin looks. How her beautiful sculpted back meets her perfect ass. How her long and lean her legs look and all of it encased in a beautifully golden brown body. I wanted to do more than massage her body.”Hey are you going to give me a massage or just stand there and hold a bottle while drooling all over the carpet”I, now broken out of my “contemplation”, proceeded to do the task-at-hand.First opening the bottle and pouring some of the liquid onto my hands and then starting with her neck I gently massaged it, kneading it, caressing it with my strong yet gentle hands, feeling the muscles in Jenny’s neck loosen up.”Mmmmm” Jenny moans. “Boy does that feel soooo good”.I moves my hands from her neck to her shoulders and arms, gently caressing kneading, massaging all the way. I go back up and start on her neck and work downward to the middle of the back, taking care not to miss any spots. I did the back of her legs with equal care, then her round ass. Jenny rotated her hips as I kneaded her globes thoroughly. As my fingers worked up Jenny’s spine to her neck and shoulders, her back arched and I heard a satisfied sigh escape her lips.I told Jenny to roll over and licked her nipples. Soon my fingers found her pussy. I lightly stroked her soft furry mound. Just aimlessly moving my fingers over her pussy, between her lips, into her hole, very gently touching her clit.”Keep working on my pussy … I love having it stroked like that”Jenny began to tingle all over signaling an approaching orgasm. It was a subtle one but it felt real nice. Jenny gently rocked her hips and purred as I made her feel wonderful.”Wait” said Jenny. “I have a better Idea, but with my idea you have to take all of your clothes off”. Jenny grins evilly and in no time my clothes are all off and I am standing before her stark naked. She appraised me approvingly.”Now come over and give me that bottle of “Cherry Flavored Love Cream” she said.With that, she took the love cream and spreads it all over her tits, making little piles on her nipples. Then she draws a line down one tit toward the center and up the other one. Then from the center all the way down her body, she made a small pile on her belly button and a large pile on her pussy. Then she lay down on the bed, spread her legs wide and said “I’m a Cupcake, come and eat me!!!!” Yummmmmmm Yum!!That cherry flavored cream mixed with her body is about the best tasting stuff I ever tasted. I started slurping it off the closest tit until I ate it all up. Then following the line to the other one I kept on licking and sucking. Jenny was moaning softly and holding my head with both hands, gently caressing as I went upon my way. She shuddered as I reached her belly button and moaned a little louder when I continued downwards. As I got to her pussy, she started to shake gently and finally as I licked the last of the cream from her clit she shivered violently as she reached climax. She quickly flipped me on my back and started spreading the cream on me, basically the same way it was on her. Only she begins licking and sucking… and … well, the weekend had JUST begun!

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Dream Come True

Dream Come TrueSTRONG>Sexy stories for women – We took the highway early in the morning to our weekend’s destination. My slave girl and I in a nice rental car. Our costumes were in the trunk, the fresh coffee was aromatic in the car, and we shared a muffin while Mina drove. My private property… * * * * * * *Sexy stories for women – We took the highway early in the morning to our weekend’s destination. My slave girl and I in a nice rental car. Our costumes were in the trunk, the fresh coffee was aromatic in the car, and we shared a muffin while Mina drove. My private property…She was wearing white lacy garters under her pants. I passed my hands along her smooth neck and through hair every once in a while and she would turn around to give me a pleasant smile of deep contentment within…After passing through the U.S. border which was guiding us along our way to New York — the city of opportunities, I ordered her to stop at a gas station, I took her to the restroom, unbuttoned her pants, lowered them, and then inserted a butt plug — gliding it against her clit — nice and smooth while I cleaned up the excess of Jelly… Then kissed her bum and gave her a slim sexy skirt which exposed her beautiful legs. As we left the restroom a couple of men waiting for their own woman to come out commented on her legs. They wished they could enjoy her for at least the evening. I felt proud. Mina’s beautiful cheeks turned pink as she blushed. She passionately kissed me on the lips as I felt the juices beginning to flow between my legs.Our journey continued… and we eventually reached destination. As the doorman at the Penta greeted us, and took our bags I couldn’t help but notice him staring at Mina’s exposed bum. I felt jealous as well as proud. It was a funny feeling. I am a woman after all…The day was turning into late afternoon — Friday night in New York City. I ordered Mina to prepare our bath. She did as requested. When I reached the marbled floor of the bathroom, she was kneeling down in the sumptuously decorated room.She kissed my bare feet for a while, massaged my lower legs. We caressed one another’s naked bodies, touched our hardened nipples, and tasted them … When I then removed her butt plug I was greeted by her relaxed orifice primed for my dildo. We entered the bathtub, and I put my fingers into her open hole. She was in heaven. She proceeded to massage my body completely with her sensuous mouth, her tongue gliding over all my sensitive areas.When I had had enough I took her out of the tub, took her to the bed and proceeded to manacle her with my furry cuffs, her bum exposed. I couldn’t resist awarding her at least twenty strokes with my bare hands. Then caressed the heat coming out of ass cheeks with my tongue. I took a drink out of the mini-bar, and while drinking I rubbed some on her bare breasts and then tasted the alcohol. A little more spanking, and she was even hotter.It was time for me to tease her some more. Taking out my dildo I slid the soft rubber against her clit. She began to moan with my movements, her heavy breathing served only to arouse me even more. She achieved her orgasm with her entire body was quivering, and then she released a golden shower.I presented my clit to her mouth. Now it was my time to have more fun. I ordered her to put three fingers into my pussy as she lapped my juices away. I was in Heaven… I called her sweet names. She was my “Candy Teddy, my Sex Kitten, my Slut”, whatever she was, she was heaven to me. My orgasm was tremendous. She drank my juices, and I kissed her wet face — tasting myself.We caressed each other for a while. A caress which meant “thank-you” to my slave. I took her out shopping for a while. We bought her a beautiful Victorian corset for some waist reduction. It suited her so much. She thanked me and then expressed that her existence was only for me. That was a great satisfaction for a Mistress.After eating in Tempo, an expensive Italian restaurant, where many men had admired us, we went on to have a drink at the Hilton and listen to the pianist playing the forgotten tunes of yesterdays.The next morning we woke up with light caressing our nude and tangled bodies. It was time to go and join the convention members. We met and exchanged ideas with many others there from around the world who were also shared our interest in S

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Memory

MemoryYour fingers sliding over my shoulders; it always started the same. Your heat, reassuring at my back as I reclined against you. My eyes slipping from the television to the ceiling as I let your touch wash over me. I always knew when your touch had intent.* * * * * * *My breasts, rising to meet your touch. Your palms always light, always teasing over the lace-covered nipples. You would pause there for a time, knowing what even the most delicate touch would do to me. More, knowing that the most delicate touch you could give was the very same that would send me writhing against you.Soft gasps from my lips and a growing hardness against the small of my back. At some point someone would grab the remote and silence the television, letting its flickering light be a backdrop to the rising tension and warmth between us.My nipples a growing ache, making my thighs restless. You would reach in between and grab the two front bits of my bra through my shirt and release me to ache even more. You knew I loved touching through clothes most of all. Something about the not-quite-full touching, the friction and rasping. You knew what just five minutes of attention on my cloth-covered nipples would bring: me, wild and stripped clean of the reserve I sometimes held about me like a shroud.The tips of your fingers just brushing me lightly as soft gasps turn to small sounds in the base of my throat. I am aching, pushing my head helplessly against your shoulder. Arching my back to bring you closer and rub against the hardness I find beneath me.You would lift me up slightly to drag at last the cloth from my upper body and settle me once again to lie against your chest while your fingers played melodies at once familiar and arousing against my skin.Finally, finally, when my legs moved restlessly, ceaselessly against the end of the couch you let your fingers explore lower. They slid lightly down my belly and beneath the waistband of the shorts you so charmingly called “Daisy Dukes”. I would smile when I heard it (and do today, as I think of it).Already an ache and a pulse between my thighs, even before your first touch. You would loosen the zipper and give yourself room to stroke the soft skin, teasing against me and denying me your touch where I wanted it most.Breath held and endlessly waiting. I couldn’t make a sound, so afraid you would withhold that touch from me to make my wanting even bigger. Between the wet crease a single finger would slip, run small circles at the entrance and slide just inside. There would be moans. They were always mine. Your breath, hot against my ear, told me how much you enjoyed this too.The softest touch in the world. Slipping higher, my hips rising to meet it, waitingwaitingwaiting. Your fingers were here and beside that and inside for another moment and then suddenly they would slide higher and they were there.Another moan this time, usually broken because it was such a sweet ache and such a blessed relief and it only increased my wanting all the more.Barely touching me, like butterfly kisses. Circling and tapping ever so slightly, listening to my breathing and my moaning and feeling against you the tension as my body stretched and tensed and waited for the next touch. Rising higher.GodIamsoclose. You can feel it and hear it and smell it. You chuckle dark humour in my ear as you pull your fingers away, just a small fraction. I can still feel your warmth but not your touch and my belly is cramping and this orgasm is something my entire body wants and needs and cannot turn away from now, even a slight breeze could take me over the edge but you hold me there dangling on a precipice of pleasure and I am begging you now like I have never begged before or since and I can feel the pulse in my thighs move up to my buttocks and in between and moving higher and I need your touch I am laughing and crying and begging you to pleaseTouch me one more time. You would, and I splinter apart, an earthshaking rumble that starts in one spot and moves outward down my trembling thighs and up through my belly that aches from the wanting and there is a cry and it is mine but I don’t even know as I ride the wave.I would be trembling in the aftermath but wild to feel you and I turned in your arms and slid those same Daisy Dukes down my thighs and straddled you, ripping your shirt from your body and rubbing against you and telling you with my lips and my tongue against yours what my heart could not say, that you knew my body as no other ever has.

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Helping hand

Helping handIt was warm, one of the first really warm days of the summer. The heat made the breeze warm and silky against my skin, brushing over me like a lover’s hand. It made for a lazy Saturday afternoon, the kind that makes you want to lay naked against crisp cool sheets while the sun filters gently through the blinds.* * * * * * *I was propped up against soft downy pillows, my legs tangled in the sheets, reading a very erotic novel, and thinking of you.The scene I was reading was incredibly erotic:He stepped into the shower behind me, reaching around for a bar of soap. My hands moved to touch him, to rub all over him, wet and slick. I wanted his cock in my hands, in my mouth, between my legs.He shook his head and stepped back a little. “No touching. I’m going to drive you right out of your mind, and I want you to just stand there and concentrate on the feel of me, touching you.”I could feel my clit swelling between my lips as I watched him work up a lather between his hands. I knew how magical his fingers could be, and I could barely wait to feel his hands against me.He placed the bar of soap back in its holder and turned to me, his eyes glittering devilishly. God, he was so cocky, so arrogant, so sure he could make me scream… you could see it in his eyes. The worst of it was, he was right.I let out a moan as his soap-slick palms rubbed over my nipples, spreading lather over my breasts and increasing the ache between my thighs.The man in the story reminded me so very much of you. You, too, were cocky and arrogant, never having any doubts of your ability to make me scream and shake and moan. And you, too, were right.I raised my hand slowly and brought it to my right nipple. It peaked instantly against my fingers, drawing into a tight little bud. I traced my fingers around it lightly. Pleasure darted in a line from my nipples to my knees.I could feel my clit begin to swell and ache as I raised my fingers to my lips. I licked the tips lightly before rubbing them against my berry-hard nipples. I closed my eyes and imagined it was your tongue, licking at me delicately, plucking me between your lips over and over again.My legs moved restlessly against the sheets as I pinched my nipple lightly, imagining your teeth nibbling there. I could feel my pussy getting slick with juice. I brought my fingers to my mouth again and again, getting both nipples hard and wet before dragging them against my palms. I rolled my nipples in my palms over and over. I wished it were your hands rubbing against me.Slowly, I slid my hands over my skin, reveling in its silky smooth texture, moving lower over my belly towards my thighs. I rubbed my hands slowly between my thighs, loving the just-shaved smoothness of my bikini line, playing softly in the short, soft hair that protected my pussy.I wished you were here with me. I wanted your hands on me, those magic hands that could give such unbelievable pleasure. I slid a single finger between my lips, dipping into the wetness and spreading it around and around, not yet touching my clit.I spread my legs wider, letting the warm breeze play between my thighs as I pushed my finger deep into my pussy. I thought about your cock, all hard and wet, sliding into me. I pushed up against my fingers, feeling my clit pulse as it rubbed against the heel of my hand.I moaned a little, softly.Drawing it out slowly, I slid my fingers up the length of my slit, rubbing against my clit lightly. I drew tiny, wet circles around the base of my clit, teasing myself. My eyes were closed still, picturing your head between my thighs, your tongue rubbing softly over me.A small sound made me open my eyes and I saw you standing in the doorway. I hadn’t heard you enter the apartment. Your eyes blazed as you looked at me, naked and tangled in the sheets, my thighs spread, my fingers rubbing between my legs.My eyes locked with yours and I arched up against my hands, enticing you with my body, inviting you to come and help me soothe this lazy, throbbing ache.You moved toward me, your eyes blazing. You eased yourself onto the end of the bed, watching my fingers move over my clit again and again, and you ran your hands up my legs.I smiled at you, wanton and inviting. “Care to lend a hand”Your eyes closed, briefly, as you bent a little and inhaled my scent. You opened them again to look at me and smile wickedly.I gasped a little, the combination of my fingers and your watchful eyes taking me even higher.You leaned over and kissed my inner thigh, running your tongue slowly over my skin. “What do you want me to do”My breath was coming shallowly now as my body worked its way toward orgasm. “Slide a finger in me.”Ever helpful, you moved your hand higher to join mine between my thighs. A long, hard finger slid deep inside me. You moved it in and out, slowly, as my pussy muscles pulled at you. My clit was on fire as you watched me masturbate. I ran my slippery fingers in circles over my clit, pushing my hips up to meet your finger.You added another finger, sliding two in and out of me in time with my thrusts. Your eyes were dark, hot, watching me. I couldn’t look away. It drove me even higher.I moaned as you moved your fingers inside me, pushing up against my body, rubbing my sensitive inner walls with your fingertips as my circles grew smaller and my breathing got faster.Little sounds escaped from between my lips as I rushed towards orgasm. My fingers pushed a little harder against my clit, rubbing and stroking while your fingers pushed deeper into me. I could feel my pussy muscles clenching against you faster and faster.Your eyes were locked onto me, watching my face grow tighter.I called your name over and over as your fingers pushed into me and my clit erupted in a blaze of heat and release and my hips bucked against you, hundreds of tiny convulsions pulling at your fingers.You rubbed your cheek against my inner thigh as I came back to myself slowly, my heart slowing its pounding cadence.Finally, you raised your head to look at me with eyes that still blazed with desire. I gave you a lazy smile, feeling warm and soft and liquid.”Thanks for the help.” I murmured.You grinned at me and slid your hands up between my thighs, opening me even wider to your gaze. I moved slowly, restlessly against your hands as your eyes devoured me.”Anytime.” you whispered to me, and bent to take my clit in your mouth.I gave a long, low moan… and gave myself up to your loving.

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Naughty Note

Naughty NoteThe combination of my tight jeans, your words and my imagination had kept me at a pretty high level of arousal the entire day. My panties were decidedly… damp, when I finally peeled them off and went to the washroom to clean up a little. Even the brush of the soapy washcloth between my thighs was arousing. I could feel it rubbing against my clit and I had to bite my lip. I almost decided to rub it, then and there, to rid myself of the terrible ache… but I’d waited this long, and I was really looking forward to a more leisurely cum.* * * * * * *Dear Vikki,It occurred to me today, sitting at my desk here at work, that although you’ve told me (in great, enjoyable detail!) how much you love to suck cock, I’ve never really had the chance to tell you about MY passion.There is nothing on earth more beautiful and erotic than a woman when she’s aroused, when her entire body is covered with a fine sheen of sweat and every muscle is tight, moaning and thrashing her way to orgasm.It turns me on so much. I have to take my time, though, and really draw it out for her. I could spend forever just sucking her nipples, rubbing over the tips with my fingers.Eventually, though, I have to move downward, because I can’t resist the smell and feel of a woman’s pussy when she’s turned on. I like to ease into her slowly, with just the tips of my fingers sliding between her lips, until I can hear her start to moan.I love to move my fingers, lightly, in tiny little circles around her clit, before sliding my fingers inside her, pushing deeper, pushing up against that spot inside her that will make her scream.By the time I’ve gone this far, she’s usually so wet and delicious that I can’t resist taking her in my mouth…Just thought I would let you know. :)Have a good day… MeI’d never received a naughty note at work before.The combination of my tight jeans, your words and my imagination had kept me at a pretty high level of arousal the entire day. My panties were decidedly… damp, when I finally peeled them off and went to the washroom to clean up a little.Even the brush of the soapy washcloth between my thighs was arousing. I could feel it rubbing against my clit and I had to bite my lip. I almost decided to rub it, then and there, to rid myself of the terrible ache… but I’d waited this long, and I was really looking forward to a more leisurely cum.I finished cleaning up and walked back into the bedroom. From my bottom drawer, I pulled my favourite toy… an 8″ jelly-rubber vibrator, with a knob at the base to adjust the speed. I set it beside me on the bed. I spread out on the duvet and ran my hands over my nipples, which are very sensitive – did you know that I’ve even come once or twice just by having them played with. They were already stiff, and they grew even harder as I ran my index fingers in tiny circles around them.I licked the tips of my fingers and moved them back to my nipples, spreading my saliva around and around until the tips were hard and wet and I could feel the pounding between my thighs like a pulse.I left my right nipple alone so that I could grab the vibrator lying beside me. I turned it on to a very low speed and slid it across my right nipple. God, the vibrations were driving me nuts. I moved the vibrator up to my mouth and wet it thoroughly, sliding it between my lips again and again, turning the speed up much higher as I went. Then I moved the vibrator between my thighs.My entire body jerked when the vibrations hit my clit. I closed my eyes and, well, frankly, imagined you, your masterful tongue and expert lips, sliding over my clit, sucking on it, driving me crazy. I can’t tell you how arousing it is to know a man who loves oral sex as much as you do. I’ve never known a man like that, not once in my life. The thought of being sucked on by someone who loves what they’re doing as much as you do… Unbelievable. My thighs were trembling as I slid the length of the vibrator back and forth over my clit, spreading the wetness until it could slide freely over and over.I imagined you sliding your fingers inside me as you suckled my clit. Spreading my legs further, I slid the vibrator all the way inside, so it could rub against that spot inside that seems to drive me crazy, although no man has been able to find it… Meanwhile, my fingers, slick and slippery with my juices, ran in opposing circles over my clit, over and over and over until I was ready to scream, and I wanted to scream to someone, anyone, “Yes! There! Oh, please, lick that clit, suck it into your mouth, yes, oh, please….”My hips were high in the air, bucking against the tongue in my mind and my fingers in reality, when the wave finally broke and my body jerked against my fingers and I let out a series of broken moans. I lay there for a while afterward with the vibrator on low inside me, enjoying the pleasant aftershocks.And, just so you know… I was a good girl and cleaned up the vibrator before placing it back in the drawer. And you’re right – women do taste different just after they cum….

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Armchair sex

Armchair sexAlmost giggling to herself with guilty pleasure, Emily slipped her skirt and blouse off, letting them fall to the floor nonchalantly. Her underwear followed, and she lay back into the squirming armchair with exquisite joy. Now the velvet was tickling her buttocks and fondling her back, and a new movement began underneath her thighs. Curious, she opened her legs and let the chair massage the inside of her thighs. Aroused by her own daring, she could feel wetness forming between her slightly parted pussy lips. She glanced around carefully; the room was still deserted. With small movements, she eased her hand down to her clit and gently began to tease herself, dipping her finger into her vagina and carefully smoothing the wetness around her cunt.* * * * * * *Emily had been shopping all day. By lunch she’d seen so many furniture stores it felt as though she were becoming part of the furniture herself.”Can’t we just get that leather one from Harvey’s” she asked her husband, Nick. “I really liked it.”Nick dismissed her. “The colour’s wrong. And it’s way too expensive. Now, what do you think of this one” As usual, he brushed her comments off and went to test-sit on a garish zebra-patterned monstrosity over by the porch swings.Emily rolled her eyes and sighed. She no longer cared about buying a new couch. All she wanted to do with take her shoes off and relax, maybe open a bottle of wine and get close to Nick like she hadn’t done in… was it that longIt seemed an eternity since they’d actually sat and talked, longer since they’d made love in the tender fashion that left her breathless and close to tears with joy. Now he was always busy, always keen to acquire new things with his new-found wealth from his up-and-coming job. It wasn’t how things were meant to be, but she’d kept thinking, It won’t last long, he’s just getting settled, things will be better soon.Watching him puff up cushions and bounce exuberantly on springs, she felt restless and frustrated. What’s more, the coffee from an hour ago had done it’s work, and the urge to pee was growing stronger by the minute. They never have public toilets in these places, she thought to herself, shifting from foot to foot.”Can we go soon” she asked Nick, but he was grilling a sales assistant over possible discounts on the zebra. Finally unable to bear the pressure on her bladder, Emily sidled up to a female assistant and asked to use the staff toilet.”Sure,” the woman smiled. “Just head down that corridor, turn left, and go through the door marked STAFF.” Emily didn’t bother to tell Nick where she was going; he wouldn’t listen anyway.Hurrying down the corridor, she went through the STAFF door and emerged into another white hallway with several exits leading off it. Desperate, she accidentally opened a door marked PRIVATE STOREROOM, glimpsing numerous pieces of brightly coloured furniture before she ducked back out, and into the toilet.Relieved at last, she studied her face in the washroom mirror. She was attractive, she knew that. A number of men had propositioned her before Nick came along, and all because of her looks. She wondered what her life would be like if she’d accepted any of them…Back in the hallway, she was overcome by a whimsical desire to look at the furniture in the private storeroom. Imagine if she found the ideal couch, all by herself! Indeed, out of the corner of her eye she’d spotted a strange looking red velvet armchair that she wouldn’t mind sitting in, if only to rest her feet for a moment.Checking to make sure the hall was deserted, Emily quietly slipped into the dim storeroom and studied the luminously upholstered chairs and sofas. The designs were experimental, without doubt. Some didn’t seem to fit the role of couch at all. Again, the scarlet armchair in the corner caught her eye. It was covered in lush velvet, and the shape of it seemed more like a frozen wave, or a pair of lips, than a piece of furniture. The curved headrest seemed designed to comfort and reassure, while the seat cushion looked ready to accept any weight with pleasure.She padded over, slipped off her shoes, and guiltily sat down. Immediately the chair embraced her; it was soft and encompassing, like she’d just sat down in a blob of red jelly. The luxurious fabric caressed her skin. She sank back, sighing, and the chair welcomed her further into its folds. Closing her eyes, she let a feeling of blissful relaxation wash over her.Moments later, she realised the chair was moving. The backrest had begun to squirm rhythmically, gently massaging her lumbar area, while another cushion attended to the sore muscles around her neck. With a barely audible clicking sound, the footrest automatically sprung up, lifting her bare feet off the ground. It too began to move, vibrating against her tired calves.Emily couldn’t keep the grin off her face. Now this was a comfortable chair! It had only been a few minutes, yet she felt completely enveloped in pleasure, the red velvet cushions surrounding her and pleasantly touching her flesh.A bizarre idea struck her. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to sit in this chair naked She brushed the thought away; it was ridiculous to even think it. Nonetheless, as the massage relaxed her further, and as the velvet inflamed her nerves, she began to seriously toy with the idea. It would be nice… sexy, even. The whole back area had seemed deserted, and no-one knew she was in here. Even if she only did it for a minute, it wouldn’t hurt, would itShe grinned. What the hell. Just for a minute.Almost giggling to herself with guilty pleasure, Emily slipped her skirt and blouse off, letting them fall to the floor nonchalantly. Her underwear followed, and she lay back into the squirming armchair with exquisite joy. Now the velvet was tickling her buttocks and fondling her back, and a new movement began underneath her thighs. Curious, she opened her legs and let the chair massage the inside of her thighs. Aroused by her own daring, she could feel wetness forming between her slightly parted pussy lips. She glanced around carefully; the room was still deserted. With small movements, she eased her hand down to her clit and gently began to tease herself, dipping her finger into her vagina and carefully smoothing the wetness around her cunt.Suddenly, the chair ceased movement, and she was startled into a moment of panic. She half leapt out of the chair, reaching for her clothes and looking desperately around for possible salespeople. To her relief, she remained alone, and sank back into the chair, sighing. Her hand found a previously unseen control panel on the armrest, and she absently pressed a button, wondering what it did.Abruptly the cushion beneath her began to move. She heard faint whizzings, and without warning large leather clamps emerged from the leg and arm rests, grabbing her limbs and pulling her firmly back into the soft grasp of the chair. She was held fast, her legs open, her arms unable to fight. Before she could think of how to respond, something emerged from the seat cushion and positioned itself between her legs. It seemed mechanical, but it moved with the fluidity of an octopus arm. The best description she could think of was a mechanical tongue.It turned out to be a good description. Without pausing, the tongue-thing moved forward and gently began to lick her. With even strokes, it lapped at her clitoris with a surety of purpose, as though it had been waiting an eternity just to touch her. Occasionally it swirled its way around her entire cunt before returning to her clitoris, licking it with just the exact pressure and position as she had always liked.Emily didn’t scream. She was too busy moaning. Within instants she’d gone from shocked surprise to absolute pleasure. As if sensing her reaction, the chair began to massage her again, adding to her enjoyment of the strange situation. Her hand moved to the control panel again, and she pushed another button.This time a second, fluidic extension emerged from the cushion and promptly nuzzled itself into her dripping vagina. Now she could barely keep herself from gasping. The second arm filled her, pressing upwards towards her g-spot and moving in and out, while the tongue continued its steady lapping, determined to exceed in giving her a stronger orgasm than she’d ever had before. She writhed and her heart beat loud in her ears. She felt the control panel at her fingers, and guessed what the third button would do. Eagerly, she pressed it.A smaller, thinner extension propelled itself from the chair and inched its way into her ass, vibrating as it went. This time she yelped. It was ridiculous that her body could feel this good without exploding. The tongue lapped, the fluidic penis probed, and the ass thing… well, she had no idea what it was doing. But it all felt amazing.She closed her eyes and tried not to come too soon. She didn’t want to waste this experience. But the pressure was building. She opened them again, just to see if there was a slow switch on the control panel, and saw a male sales assistant standing before her, his half-shadowed handsome face watching her intently. Shocked, she wanted to get up, but the chair chose that moment to increase its rhythm. Slave to her own pleasure, she was wrenched into a massive orgasm, the waves of intense feeling making her cry out and leaving her almost dazed in the aftermath.For a few moments she simply lay there, unable to do anything except pant quietly. The leather restraints released, and the massage and vibrations died. Then the horrible realisation hit her: a man had just watched her, prostrate and naked, have sex with a chair. Oh my god. She didn’t want to open her eyes again, but she couldn’t just sit there and hope he’d go away. Lifting one eyelid, she saw he was still there, and now he was smiling. Through her embarrassment, she couldn’t help but notice how friendly his smile was.She tried to sit up, but the cushions still held her. Gently, the man stepped forward and helped her up. His skin against hers was smooth and tanned.”I’m Jason. I invented that chair.”She was lost for words, standing naked and flushed before him.He regarded her happily. “I think you’ve proved it works. Couldn’t have arranged a better test if I’d paid someone.” His blue eyes sparkled with success.She grasped for a reply. “Jason As in Jason Recliner”He laughed. “No. Although perhaps I should change my name. And perhaps you should get dressed.” He pointed at her crumpled heap of clothes, neglected on the floor.She dressed awkwardly. He didn’t turn away, but studied her cheerfully as she buttoned her blouse. At last she thought of something to say. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been in here. I was tired… I just thought I’d sit down for a while…””Do not concern yourself. It was a good decision, was it not Of course, you’ll have to buy the chair now.””I’ll have to…””Well, it’s not really a ‘try-before-you-buy’ kind of thing, is it” Jason said.”But-” She stopped herself, and turned to look at the armchair, quiet now and looking for all the world like a normal piece of furniture. She thought of how much pleasure it had just given her. Buying it didn’t seem such a bad idea. “Of course. I’d like to buy it. But is it the only one Do you have any others””That’s the prototype. But if it’s that successful, I can make plenty more. I think you’ve shown how well it works. Just tell Bob the sales assistant to sell you the Loveseat. He’ll know what to do.”Emily did her best to straighten her hair, tried to look presentable for her return to the showroom. She had no intention of telling Nick what had happened, nor of letting him know what their new Loveseat was capable of.She turned to go, yet something held her. “Do you make any other kind of ‘loveseat’ Mr Recliner” she asked with a half smile.He returned her grin. “I’ve got a few plans still on the drawing board.””I’ll leave my name and number with Bob,” Emily grinned. “Let me know when you need another test done.”

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Summer Camp Glory Hole

Summer Camp Glory HoleI have even gone so far as jerk him off into a container, to get an idea of how much he shoots. When he has not fucked his wife for about 4 or 5 days, he can provide 3 ounces of sperm. (I used liquor shot glasses as a measure). I had never in my life had two guys at once, and it was pure heaven to be sucking one while fucking another. Jill helped by coming up and joining in at licking Eddy’s shaft and licking his balls. She began to verbalize, which drove me to a frenzy! * * * * * * *Although, my name is at the top of the page is not real but the story I am about to relate, actually happened to me this summer. I am a 38-year old woman, married with two kids, Kevin, 19 and Lory, who is 18.This last summer, Lory and I were going to go to the second half of our church’s summer camp in the upper Adirondack Mountains for a week. I was going as a part time counselor and all around chaperone, since the camp consisted of both boys and girls from different areas of the state.I had taken the week as vacation from my job and was excited about going, just to get out of the house for a week. The thought of being at a summer camp brought back good memories of when I was a young girl and had attended this same camp for two summers.I was really looking forward to it, and so was Lory. That is until two days before we were supposed to leave, she came down with chicken pox of all things. Well on the doctors advice, I called the woman in charge at the church who was running the camp to explain that we wouldn’t be attending. She was very upset and begged me to come and still be a counselor, since two others had already cancelled at the last minute and they would have to cancel the last session if one more parent didn’t show. After a lot of discussion with my family, it was decided that I would still go and help out.One of the other women at the church that I knew was there for the first session and she had agreed to stay with me for the second one also, so it didn’t sound too bad.Jill (The one who stayed) was younger than me at 29, but we got along well and had a lot of fun the first day. We slept in a tent type wooden platform at the outer edge of the camp. On the other side there were two men from the church, who had the same sleeping setup on the boy’s side.John was a good friend of my husband, and I knew him also. Ed was a black guy, who was fairly new to our church and neither Jill nor I knew him very well, but he seemed very nice and we all got along well.There were two barracks on each side of the campgrounds, which were permanent structures and held kids in each one. The two barracks that housed the girls were situated just at the edge of the woods. Further in the woods were the two that the boys were staying in. There were 4 more barracks that were not used this time.Since Jill had been there for two weeks already, she showed me around after lunch. The kids were all down by the lake with the two men and the head camp counselor.When we went into the first barracks and looked around, I saw a fairly large hole in the east wall of the barracks right over the headboard of a lower bunk. It had a red rag stuffed into it. As I pulled the rag out, Jill began to snicker, although I didn’t know why. As I looked out through the open hole, I could see only dense undergrowth and trees, since that wall was right up against the woods. The hole was definitely man made and cut in a perfect circle and even sanded smooth on the inside. The wall was very thin and I wondered why the hole had not been patched.Jill just shrugged when I asked her, and we moved on. It didn’t seem important since its location seemed inaccessible from outside due to the dense woods.That evening when all of the scheduled activities were over, Jill and I put on our robes and headed for the showers. The girls shower and dressing room were out fitted with four showerheads in one big room. Jill was at the sinks brushing her teeth as I went into take a shower.I thought she would stay out there out of modesty, but I no sooner was getting wet, when in stepped Jill. She was beautiful I must say, even though females have never turned me on, I looked with envy at her body.She had the tiniest waist, gorgeous breasts, and an all over sexy body. Not that I was considered a slouch, but the few years difference in age did show between us. Jill began talking as she was soaping herself. She brought up the subject of that hole I had come across in the girls barracks, and asked me how open minded I was about sex.I found the tone of the conversation very odd, but listened intently once I had assured her that I was open minded enough to listen to what she had to say. “Ever heard of a Glory Hole” She asked. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered reading a dirty story about a bar that catered to homosexuals that had a hole between the toilet stalls for one guy to stick his dick threw so the guy in the next stall could suck it. I was sure that was not what Jill was talking about here though, or so I thought!Jill told me that was exactly what it was. As she went on to relate all the details to me, I observed her spending a lot more time on soaping between her legs, and her nipples were becoming erect.As I listened, I felt my nipples stiffen also. Jill went on to tell me that the boys would wait until dark, and then sneak through the woods to the hole, about two at a time. If the rag was in the hole, then they left. But if the rag had been removed, showing the light within, then a completely different scenario would take place.One boy acted as a look out, the other would slip his cock through the hole. Then the girls in the barracks would take turns sucking them off! I was completely shocked by what Jill was telling me, but at the same time I was becoming a little warm between my legs, as she told me of sneaking over to the small window on the North wall, which was also pretty secluded and watching the girls in action.I was startled by a Moan from Jill. As I looked down, she had two fingers inside of her pussy and was rubbing her clit with her thumb as she related what she had witnessed.Just by coincidence, her own girl who was 18 was staying in the other barracks, which relieved her at the time. But on the second night some of girls from the other barracks came over long enough for each to suck some cock.Jill’s masturbating there in front of me, was making me wet as hell. My nipples were aching with my own arousal. Then I got another shock as Jill stepped closer to me and asked if I had ever been with a woman.I told her I hadn’t and asked if she had”A couple of times in collage.” She smiled.I flinched, but did not pull away when I felt her free hand on my thigh, and in no time I felt her finger at my crotch. I could hear her breathing coming in gasps as she fingered us both.”Do you finger yourself Linda” She asked.I could only nod in the affirmative as a mini shock wave went through my pelvis.”Doesn’t it feel a lot better when someone else does it for you”I moaned in response as she pulled her finger out of my slippery slit. I didn’t want her to stop, it felt so good.She took hold of my hand and brought it down to her slit and pressed it against her opening. I held my hand motionless at her mound as I once again felt her fingers enter me. I groaned and slid my finger between her folds, and duplicated what she was doing to me. I was on fire!I had many times felt my own pussy, but to feel another woman’s while her fingers were stroking mine was too much. I felt the pressure building in my abdomen and pelvis, I was close to orgasm. Jill sensed it and sped up her finger action. Mine actually slowed since I was so preoccupied by my own climax.I came like I hadn’t in years, it was a cum that was earth shattering. My juices flowed on to Jill’s hand like a flood.I finally stopped cumming and began to catch my breath. Jill kissed me on the lips and then bent forward and took each of my stiff nipples into her mouth and briefly sucked them.Then all of a sudden Jill grabbed my arm and began thrusting her hips towards my hand, because I still had my finger in her love hole.”Do me Linda, I need to cum like you did PLEASE!” “OH GOD!”My finger contacted her little nub. I fingered fucked her rapidly and she began gasping for breath, and took her left nipple in my mouth. That did it, she began to cum. “OHHHHHHHH bite my nipple. God I’m cumming.” Her fluid gushed around my invading digits as she grabbed my hips to steady herself. I continued sucking her hard nipples as she recovered.We rinsed off and went back to our sleeping quarters, all the while making plans to sneak over and spying on the girls.It was very dark out as we got to the small window and peered in. Nancy, one of the girls, was laying in the bottom bunk by the hole. The rag had been removed and was on the floor. The other three girls were all sitting Indian style around the head of the lower bunk.I quietly took a peek around the corner to see if anyone was there. I couldn’t see anyone, but as I looked over towards one of the boy’s barracks, I saw the light as a door opened and two figures came out and went into the woods. I whispered to Jill that they were coming.In a few minutes we watched as a stiff little cock was thrust into the hole. It wasn’t a very big one and only about two inches including the head was visible. We watched as Nancy took the head into her mouth and began sucking.It wasn’t long before she pulled off and the little boy cock began spewing its load as Nancy now stroked the head between her thumb and index finger. It was a very strange sight watching those children doing things like this, I’d never imagined something like this before.As we continued to watch, I quietly peered around the corner, to see who the cock belonged to. It was Billy, he was not very big. The other boy with him was Danny, he was eightteen and a lot bigger.I watched as he unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. I was amazed at the size of it, he was close to my husband in length, but a little thinner.I went back to the window in time to see it come through the hole. About 7 inches past the hole, and we heard the girls gasp; Kathy took her turn on the bunk. Without hesitation, she began to give Danny an expert blowjob. I have to admit it shocked me to see how well that girl did her job, where did she learn to give head like thatIn no time at all, Danny let out a moan that was unmistakable. He was cumming, but not into the air like his buddy, Kathy was drinking every drop he could shoot and then some.Once they were finished, we watched as the two boys snuck quietly back to their barracks, and two more took their place. This went on until all 8 boys had been sucked off by the girls.When Jill and I got back to our tent, we were both very aroused by what we had just seen. But having sex in a tent was too risky since someone might hear us.Jill and I went deep into the woods to a clearing where on a fallen log, I ate my first pussy, and had mine eaten by a woman for the first time.**The same scenario went on each night as before. By the end of the week, each boy had been blown at least twice and each girl had sucked at least one of the boys off. Some spit the cum out, others were expert swallowers.Jill and I sucked each other off at least twice a night after peeping at the kids.Jill was also married and had two children, so we had a lot in common. She was an expert cunt lapper though, and later confessed to me, that is not only had female sex in college, but had regular affairs with a girl where she works.It was Jill who came up with an idea that immediately turned me on! “I think you and I ought to be in there, sucking off all those nice young boys, don’t you think” Jill said.”How are we going to be able to arrange that” I asked with my heart in my throat.**By the end of the day, we had worked out a plan to do just that.Jill and I both have had fantasies of having sex with young males, but for obvious reasons they had stayed just that, fantasies.But here was an opportunity to fulfill our fantasy and stay anonymous at the same time.**On the night before the weeks camping session is over, the neighboring camp always invites our girls to come over and spend the evening with them. Well as luck would have it four girls decided to go from our camp.There were two from the glory hole barracks, and two from another one that decided to go.So Jill and I had the two girls from the gloryhole barracks take sleeping bags and move over to the other barracks. Using the excuse that it would be late when the other girls came back and we didn’t want them to disturb anyone.Then, Jill and I discreetly let it out to one of the boys, that not all the girls would be gone for the evening. We also let him know that Darla (one of the older girls) would be staying behind.The reason for that was that Darla, was the best cock- sucker of the bunch. Watching her had been a real turn on. She really got into it and the boys seemed to favor her from what we had overheard during the week.Once it was good and dark, Jill and I snuck over to the empty barracks and taped cardboard over the little windows, so nobody could look in and observe us. The doors were locked, so anyone looking over or trying to get in would think that it was locked and dark because it was unoccupied.The only light came from the gloryhole as I pulled the rag out. I laid on the bunk and looked through the hole towards the boys barracks. In a matter of minutes, I saw the light coming from an open door and two figures exit. I told Jill that we would soon have visitors.The sexual tension was terrific with expectation of a hard young cock being thrust through the hole. As I stole another peek out of the hole, I was able to make out a cock being pumped by hand to get it ready.Shortly Jill and I both gasped as the first cock came through. It was not very big and probably belonged to one of the younger boys. But he was not disappointed as I heard him moan through the wall, as my mouth took him in.I was the one who was disappointed, since I had gotten to swirl my tongue around the youthful head only about five times before I heard a grunt and it shot its youthful load into my mouth. I was just about to start fingering my pussy as I sucked – when he started shooting.It was nevertheless delicious. Not as strong as a grown man’s, and not as salty either, but I loved it.Once drained, the cock disappeared back out of the hole. Jill and I traded places as the next cock came through. Jill had all the luck!I could immediately tell that it was one of the older boys due to the length and thickness of his cock. Jill began sucking for all she was worth, and soon had a large load of cum spurting down her throat. And I came all over my hand, which was busy fingering my wet pussy while watching her suck.After the boy’s cock disappeared, we waited and then Jill peeked out through the hole, and could make out the two figures going back through the woods.We waited for over half an hour but no one else showed up. We were about to put the rag back in the hole and leave, when a huge cock pushed silently though it.I say huge because in comparison with the two we had just serviced, it was gigantic. Very thick and at least 7″ in length. Jill wrapped her hand around the shaft and was able to jerk the cock as she was sucking it, bringing forth an approving moan from the other side.I was dying of curiosity to know who belonged to such a beautiful cock. So as Jill was busy sucking, I quietly snuck out and peered around the corner.There with his crotch to the wall was John, and stand- ing right behind him with his cock out was Eddy, the black guy.I almost gasped out loud as I caught a side view of eddy’s cock! I had heard all the rumors about black cocks all my life, and in this case it was indeed not a rumor. Eddy was sporting a stiff cock that was at least 11″ in length and was as thick as my wrist. I even had doubts about it fitting through the hole!I quietly went back in and whispered what I had seen to Jill, who began moaning louder each time I described our next visitor. It wasn’t much longer and John released his got sperm into Jill’s sucking mouth.We watched with great anticipation as the softening flesh was pulled back through the hole. Then as Eddy’s huge cockhead came through, we both stared in awe, as the hole was nearly completely filled with the head.Jill whispered, that we had to share this one, as she struggled to get the bulbous head into her mouth, while pumping the long shaft. It was such a sight, that I came as soon as my finger began rubbing my clit!After a minute or so, I took over and began sucking Eddy’s black monster. To my delight, Jill situated herself under me so she could suck my cunt at the same time.I exploded into her mouth in no time, then we traded places and she had her orgasm almost as quick as mine.Eddy let out a loud groan, and I saw Jill’s cheeks puff out as he started unloading. Her throat was working overtime, but the force and quantity of his sperm was overwhelming, causing it to start jetting out between her lips and his cock-shaft.I quickly got on the bunk and took over, receiving a strong spurt on the bridge of my nose and in my eyes, before I capped the spewing monster. An additional 4 strong spurts erupted into my mouth before he subsided. I continued to suck and lick with wild abandon, since I had made up my mind that I had to have this monster in my cunt, no matter what!My efforts were rewarded, with a cock that stayed hard instead of loosing its firmness. I took my mouth off and held the shaft so he could not withdraw from the hole. I told Jill to hold it while I stripped off my shorts. I had to have that beautiful black cock in my pussy!I was absolutely crazy with desire, as I backed up to the protruding hunk of meat. I shuddered as I felt the head come in contact with my pussy lips. Once the head was lined up, I drove back against the wall feeling Jill’s hand as she pulled it out.I had taken Eddy’s monster with ease, and I went into a fantastic orgasm almost immediately as he began his thrusting into me. I have never felt so full in my life! It was the most fantastic feeling.As I grunted and slammed my ass against the wall, trying to get as much penetration as I could, the door opened, and in came John, his cock was sticking out of his shorts, rock hard and straight out like a steel pole.Without saying a word, he walked over to Jill, who dropped to her knees before him and began to suck his huge cock. I gasped and groaned loudly as I felt the thick black shaft disengage from my wet cunt. I slammed back against an empty wall. The door again opened, I had forgotten to re-lock the door when I had gone outside to identify the men.Anyway, Eddy came in with his cock still glistening with my pussy juice! I laid on my back across the bunk, this brought my pussy to the edge as I spread my legs wide!Without any words exchanged, Eddy knelt by the bunk between my spread legs! In this position, he was just the right height to match up with my hungry slit.He wasted no time in reinserting his huge cock into my waiting pussy. When I felt him go so deep into me that he bottomed out, I screamed out my release and had a climax that seemed to render me unconscious momentarily.As I began to slowly drift back to earth from the best and most intense cum, I have ever had, a warm sensation was at my pussy. As I looked down, I saw Eddy’s head and felt his tongue enter me and begin exploring my love hole.As I looked over at Jill, she was in the same position on the other bunk as I was, and John’s cock was pistoning in and out of her cunt. Her legs were wrapped around his back and she was thrusting against him like a bucking bronco. She let out a small squeal and then she began to cum like crazy! Listening and watching them was all it took, Eddy’s tongue got a liquid bath as I came all over his face!I watched as Jill now sat up in the bunk with John standing in front of her feeding her his cock! I looked down at Eddy who was still tenderly lapping at my wet pussy!”Have you cum yet” I asked.”No.””Bring it up to my mouth.”I laid out on the bunk on my side as Eddy brought his hard black shaft to my mouth. I took the head and managed to get a couple of inches of the shaft into my mouth. I wrapped both hands around the shaft and still was not touching his pubic hair. That’s how long that monster was!As I sucked trying to bring him off in my mouth as a gesture of thanks for making me cum so beautifully, I felt the bunk sink down. And soon after, I felt John’s cock slide into my pussy and begin fucking me. Jill had told him to give me a two way.I had never in my life had two guys at once, and it was pure heaven to be sucking one while fucking another. Jill helped by coming up and joining in at licking Eddy’s shaft and licking his balls. She began to verbalize, which drove me to a frenzy!”I can feel his nuts tighten, he’s going to cum in your mouth.””Cum Eddy, fill her mouth full of your hot cream.”Just then John let out a moan, his cock seemed to swell in my pussy and jets of hot fire shot into my cunt. I began to cum and had a hard time breathing around Eddy’s cock, but I wasn’t about to let it go now!I stayed in an orgasmic state for like what seemed forever, as John’s cock kept shooting into my pussy!Then Eddy announced that he was going to cum! The first spurt was so powerful and startled me so that my head pulled off of his cock. Before I could regain my sense, another huge spurt splashed against my forehead and went into my hair!The next one hit me in the chin and splashed all over my face. The next one didn’t get away, it felt searingly hot as it spurted onto my tongue!Eddy was unbelievable, his cock just kept spurting and spurting. Jill managed to pull it from me and she took the remainder of his sperm into her mouth. As I watched her throat bob as she swallowed, I was in awe at the amount she must be getting! I finally dropped back on the bunk, exhausted from all the action.We finally left the barracks and went to the showers together, where we all fucked and sucked again before calling it a night. I just could not get enough of Eddy’s black penis, no matter what I did.**You can bet that next year, Jill and I will be at the camp again! But in the mean time, I still get Eddy’s cock and John’s whenever my husband is gone and they can fit it in around their wives.Sometimes I’ll just meet Eddy for lunch, since his office is pretty close to mine, lunch consists of me sucking him off in his car in a parking lot! And believe me it fills me up! I have been able to loose 7 Lbs. by having a hot sperm lunch! I LOVE IT!!!!!!I have even gone so far as jerk him off into a container, to get an idea of how much he shoots. When he has not fucked his wife for about 4 or 5 days, he can provide 3 ounces of sperm. (I used liquor shot glasses as a measure).My husband supplies only about a half ounce or so. It’s such a treat to take Eddy’s load and drink him down. We rarely fuck anymore, due to my obsession with drinking his sperm. But he doesn’t mind! YOU WOULDN’T WOULD YOU

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – The voice

The voiceDrawing his balls into my mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while I ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing the tight anus. Bringing my mouth back up his cock, I choreographed the motions of his cock in-and-out of my mouth while my finger probed in-and-out of his ass. He stopped me as I felt the pulsing of his cock getting ready to explode. * * * * * * *Ohhhhhhhhhh! Last night was so special that I just have to share it with you. Just thinking about it turns me on so much that now whenever I feel the -need- ….. well, all I have to do is think about last night.You know how sometimes things surprise you Like when you least expect it to happen And, how sometimes you aren’t even really thinking about something really special to happen, but it does Well, that is my last night.You see, there has been this man who I have been talking to on the telephone for a while at work. Of course, our conversations are always strictly business (well, ok, the words were — my thoughts weren’t — he has such a sensual voice that even saying “I’d like to get 500 units of Part Number C-135-xx is an ‘experience). Of course, I always figured he just called to order parts — I mean, he sure wouldn’t have any ideas of being social with a voice on the phone.Well! Last night was my lucky night! He needed these parts first thing this morning. And, when I checked, all of our delivery men had left for the day. I felt sort of bad having to call him back and tell him that there was no delivery people left and we couldn’t get the parts over there yet that day. Of course, his voice sounded so disappointed, like this was really a MAJOR problem. But then he said he would drive over to get them … but when we figured out how long it would take him to get there, well, that wouldn’t work because security code requires us to all vacate the building at least an hour before he could possibly have gotten there.Then, just before hanging up … well, he apologized and seemed almost forlorn but asked if I would be willing to meet him at the Candleabra out on Gallante Boulevard. He said if I would be so kind as to drive out there to meet him, he would gladly buy me a drink and have dinner. The !Candleabra! — I mean the most exclusive diner club in the County!!! Wow! Well, of course, with all those thoughts I had been having for months, how could I possibly refuse — I mean, hey! I would have agreed to meet him at Burger King!So, he suggested that since I might be more comfortable dining there if I went home first, that we get together at 9 for a late dinner — he said to have the matre’d page him. Boy! I sure floated home and wasted no time taking a very long, leisurely bath. Doesn’t every woman prepare to deliver parts by taking a bubble bath Of course, I would have to dress appropriately — so I chose this strapless blue waltz-length dress. The one that barely conceals my large, full breasts. Oh! I didn’t consider that having the soft, silky skin of my breasts floating over the sky-blue sateen to be sexy. Of course not! The thought never entered my mind.Well, I got to the club just a few minutes after 9 (yeah, well, so I drove around the block for 35 minutes so as not to appear to eager). I had him paged and within moments he walked out to the lobby area. I knew the minute he came out of the lounge that it was HIM! Of course, with all the thoughts I had been having about him, he could have been the hunchback of Notre Dame and it probably wouldn’t have cooled my body a bit … but he was so nice looking. But he -fit- his voice so well! I stood there feeling rather awkward, here I had had all these thoughts – but of course to him I was just a clerk who was supplying some parts he needed.His smile. It was perfect. Just what I had imagined it might be. He even looked at me appreciatively, like maybe he was contemplating a woman. A woman he would like to spend a little time with other than strictly business. I was so glad it was dark! I must have turned red down to my toenails. His eyes started with my face and then moved slowly down to the white swellings above the neckline and the deep crevice between my large breasts. For a while I was afraid that maybe there was some stain there – I mean he studied that area for so long! Then he carefully surveyed the rest of my body. In spite of the rather open scrutiny, there was nothing offensive in his manner. In fact, it was extremely exciting and was going to make it very difficult to remain business-like.He took my arm and escorted me to the lounge. We had a few drinks while just talking. I don’t know how long we chatted, but the conversation slowly became more personal. Almost without noticing, we were talking like we were on a real date. The subtle flirting. The acknowledgement of each other’s sexuality. My favorite drink, a Bloody Mary, came in the frosted glass with the garlic salt on the edges. It was so cooling to slowly lick my tongue around the rim (well! that really *is* the proper way to savor the drink you know!) His eyes twinkled as he watched my tongue curve around the edge of the glass.During dinner, I enjoyed the relish tray with its long, firm celery sticks. To gracefully eat one, it is necessary to sort of slide it between your lips, then gently bite off a piece. he seemed to enjoy watching me eat celery! Our conversation began to become more personal and the flirtation was definitely less veiled. Oh! he is so special. He can excite you while just talking about anything that comes to mind . Not many men have that capacity. Most seem to think that sex doesn’t start until you are naked in the bed. Ah! if only they knew how much arousing the mind first can enhance the joys of the bed later.And, he definitely had a talent for arousing the mind. Such subtle flirtation. Not witty. Not coy. Not even risque. But the conversation was so engrossing of me as a person, as if he really cared about what I thought on different subjects. As if it really mattered to him that I was able to think. Best of all, he was willing to talk about himself and what he felt about different things. I could feel the excitement buidling wtihin me. I kept hoping that when we got up to leave, I wouldn’t have a damp spot on my dress.As our lovely dinner was slowly eaten I kept trying to think of ways to prolong the evening. But he seemed to sense my desire and saved me from the dilemma of deciding whether or not the evening would end with the dessert. As we were leaving the dining room, he casually mentioned that we seemed to have so much more we could share and that after all, tommorrow was Saturday. Wow! when he called, I hadn’t even thought of THAT. Why would he need the parts his plant wasn’t open on Saturday!He suggested a drink and I hesitated only long enough to still appear to be a lady. After we were seated in a quiet booth and the waitress had brought our drinks, there was a quiet lull. It was like we both realized we had reached a fork in the relationship — which way to go. We could finish our drinks with some very generic conversation and both go home without any feeling of rejection —- or, we could continue the light- hearted flirtations and both go home, together. Finally, he almost shyly said that he hadn’t really needed the parts that he had called late knowing what time our delivery people left and hoping that I would ‘rescue’ him by agreeing to deliver the parts in exchange for dinner. He seemed so concerned that I would be angry at his little ploy. I just had to be honest and admit that I had had more than a few daydreams about him — and it wasn’t business. It seems our voices had had an affect on each other.Having gotten this out in the open, we were free to explore just how much we excited each other. Having now established that we found each other desireable, the conversation evolved more around learning about each other as man and woman. Casually, like new lovers do, we moved closer together in the booth until our thighs were touching. It was like a heated pad laying next to my leg. I had a difficult time not to squirm on the seat. His arm, draped along my bare shoulders certainly didn’t help the stirrings in my groin. If I worried about a damp spot earlier ……..I dropped one of my sandals and started to slide my foot along his ankle and leg. A deeper breath told me that it was having an affect. I casually laid my hand on his thigh (well, we were sitting quite close) … and in slow, almost absent-minded strokes, quickly discovered that the proximity was definitely having an affect! As he pressed upwards against my exploring hand, he whispered that we might have to spend the night in the booth if he were to avoid embarrassment standing up. I guess my giggle told him that this observation did not offend me at all – in fact, I enjoyed talking to a man who could be honest about his own sexuality.After another drink we decided that any further ‘getting acquainted’ would probably be more appropriate in another location … like the inn down the road. While I went to freshen up, he thoughtfully inquired of the management if I could leave my car for the evening. And, when I came out he assured me it was ok and we could ride to the inn together. When we got in his car, he leaned across and gave me a deep, probing kiss. A first kiss – yet one with desire. Not apologizing. Not seeking. Just deep, long, and passionate. Warmth soared through me as I returned his kiss, probing his mouth with my tongue, gently drawing his tongue into my mouth and sucking on it tenderly.We got to the inn in record time. Entering the room, it was all so perfect. Neither of us felt that we needed to pretend we were unsure of the intentions. We both readily acknowledged that we found the other sexually arousing and wanted to explore that attraction to its fullest. We stood in the entrance to the room and embraced. I pressed my hips against him, rocking slightly. He matched the motions and for a while we mimicked making love while standing, kissing, exploring with our tongues. He slowly unzipped my dress … allowing it to fall to the floor between us. Free of the dress, my breasts wiggled like two balls of jello … pressing their bareness against him.Without ever really breaking our embrace, we slowly undressed each other. Hands sliding along the others body as we removed garments. I kissed the hollow of his neck, my tongue devouring its contour. Gravity helped his slacks drop to the floor after I undid the buckle … my hand quickly encouraging his shorts to follow. I slid a hand along his inner thigh … the dampness there gave evidence of his excitement, as did his member, now fully erect and bouncing jauntily.Moving to the bed, he helped me remove my pantyhose. I may never again remove some without recalling how aroused he made me with the slow, careful way he edged them down my legs, his hands caressing as he did so. When we were both fully naked, he laid on top of me and pressed his weight against mine, whispering sweet passions. Telling me of all the things he would like to do … how much he wanted to satisfy me and find satisfaction himself.Hours must have passed as we just explored each others bodies with our hands, tongues, legs, and any other part that we could find to rub, caress, stroke, press. My own body became an inferno. At first I was embarrassed because the seeping juices from my throbbing vagina actually made noise as he stroked me. However, he was sensitive to my discomfort and quietly reassured me that he found the response to be thrilling to him. As though he knew how much I worried about being thought a whore because I do become so aroused, he quietly talked away all my fears and doubts while arousing my body more and more.I felt the surges of raw emotion run through me. My cunt clutched and drew at his fingers as he drove them into me … first one, then another, then yet another. Using the pad of his hand, he applied pressures to the hard button … setting loose torrents of juices as I plunged on his hand. His mouth covering mine, the first orgasm tore through me, my whole body becoming attached to the sensations from my cunt. The muscles spasmed, my legs felt like there were rivers of tingling shocks as they trembled against the very power of my climax. I wanted him inside me. To thrust his cock in and drive me even further into Utopia. To ride that crest … but he held back.We laid together for a while, as my sensations slowly ebbed. Then started again. This time he took an even more active role. Telling me what he wanted me to do … guiding me so that I knew what would bring him the most pleasures. I eagerly followed his instructions. Moving my head down his body, sucking on his nipples while my hand stroked his cock, making it even harder. Moving further down, licking the smooth crown with my tongue, guiding my tongue into the slit. The sweet taste of the drops of seminal fluid. Licking down the length of his swollen cock, my tongue following the groove. Drawing his balls into my mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while I ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing the tight anus. Bringing my mouth back up his cock, I choreographed the motions of his cock in-and-out of my mouth while my finger probed in-and-out of his ass. He stopped me as I felt the pulsing of his cock getting ready to explode.My own body was trembling because the very taste and feel of him in my mouth was as exciting as his hands had been just moments before. He positioned me on the end of the bed – on my knees. His hand deftly slid between my thighs and rubbed the clit until I could feel the boiling within my. My soft urgings for him to plunge in … he fingered my hole from behind, driving his fingers in deeper and deeper, each thrust acting like a pump causing more stirrings deeper within my loins. I could hear the juices again, only now the sound excited me. My nipples rubbing on the bed … my body iginiting into quivers of pure joy. Then he slid his cock into me. Slow. Steady. Pushing steadily inwards. Only when he could push no further did he start to pump. I rocked on my knees, meeting each thrust with a push back towards him. My moans encouraging him, letting him know how much I was enjoying the feel of his prodding.Reaching a hand around my leg, he continued to rub the clit, causing eruptions and earthquake tremors to rack my body. I muffled my cries in the mattress. My chasm sucked and clenched at him, drawing against his balls slapping my underside. Just when I thought I had experienced all the thrills my body could offer (and he could create like a maestro) he began thrusting in and out, ever faster. His own moans harmonizing with mine as we both reached a crescendo of sexual ecstasy. His juices spurted into me, warming me, mingling with mine. The feel of his own cum shooting into me carried me to a crest of arousal that swept the world away. There was no body. No motion. Only undulating tremors that shook my body.Afterwards we lay together. Holding. Just enjoying the slowly receding tides of our mutual pleasure. Accepting in each other that we share a delight in the beauty of our individual sexuality and the joys it allows us to give …. and to receive.

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Touch Me

Touch MeA sexual encounter between a woman and a man, after she asked “Touch me”. She noticed my discomfort, and said, “Take it out. It doesn’t look comfortable for you. Unbutton those pants, and let me see that dick. I think it’s only fair that I get to look at it before you suck me.”* * * * * * *”Touch my lips.” she said to me as she lay on the bed. “Not my mouth, – down here.” She pointed between her legs as she parted them. “I want you to lick me first.”I lost my breath when I realized what she wanted. I looked at her again, to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming. She winked at me, and licked her lips suggestively.My dick grew harder, and threatened to burst from my pants, as I thought about what her juices would taste like and what her clit would feel like between my lips and tongue.She noticed my discomfort, and said, “Take it out. It doesn’t look comfortable for you. Unbutton those pants, and let me see that dick. I think it’s only fair that I get to look at it before you suck me.”I almost fainted when she said that. I couldn’t take it anymore, and quickly dropped to my knees. I spread her thighs, and I could smell the sweet juices of her wet pussy as I leaned in to lick her.I fumbled with my pants zipper at the same time, hurriedly dropping my trousers and letting my hard cock free. She reached her arms down, and grabbed hold of my cock. She held it firm, and slowly rubbed its head with her thumb as she began to pump up and down. With her other hand she cupped my balls and gently stroked them, driving me insane. I reached up and caressed her breasts, her hard nipples, and the rest of her body.I licked her, running my tongue over her wet cunt, slowly at first, and then faster. I worked my tongue into the folds of her flesh, sucking her labias, and taking her juices into me. I then moved my lips to her clit, and began to suck her slowly, while playing with her button with my tongue. She began to squirm and moan louder. She also held onto my dick harder, and began to pump faster. I wanted to cum so badly, but held back.I took my finger and reached up to her face. I could feel her eyes closed tight, and her mouth open and trembling. I put my finger into her mouth, and she sucked it, wrapping her tongue around it wildly. I then took my finger and slowly slid it into her pussy.She gasped when she felt me enter her, but then laughed, and slowly started grinding against my hand. I slowly, then faster, began to finger-fuck her, as I continued to suck on her clit. One finger, then two, as I felt deep inside her, stroking and rubbing, feeling her legs shivering with unbearable pleasure.I then got to my feet and moved in close to her. She continued to hold my dick as I pressed up to her. She guided me toward her open pussy, and I slid firmly and deeply into her snatch. I leaned over her as she reached around and grabbed my ass. I held her waist and began to fuck her hard right away.”Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! More!” she screamed. “I want you to make me cum!”I moved my hips back and forth, my dick sliding in and out of her, with her screaming every time I plunged into her. I squeezed her breasts as I fucked her, and leaned in to lick her hard nipples. Over and over I went, harder and deeper every time.Suddenly, she stopped screaming and started to lose her breath as she gasped and whimpered all at once. I didn’t stop fucking her as I watched her squeeze her eyes shut and felt her body begin to tremble and tense. She dug her fingernails into my ass, pulling me in close. She then yelled, in a long deep breath, “I’m cummmmmmming! Oh my god! Your dick feels soooooo fucking good!” She twisted and turned slowly. She then faded and lay back on the bed, exhausted and spent. Her breath slowly returned to her, and she smiled as she opened her eyes.She leaned up and looked at me. “I only wanted you to touch me – but that was nice as well.” she said as she giggled. “Now come over her and let me suck you off.”

Massage, Sex, and Erotic Stories for Nairobi Women – Beach Lust

Beach LustI creep up to you and lay the blanket out beside you. I lean down and whisper softly in your ear that you might be more comfortable if you slid onto it. You duly do so, your hand not straying from your pussy, the fingers squelching as they plunge in and out. I strip quickly, my cock swaying in the warm breeze and I kneel down taking the bottle of oil and flipping off the top. I dribble a little into my hand and go to massage it into your naked tits, your top having been removed, but you tell me to stop and lick your pussy for you instead.* * * * * * *The beach is deserted as we pull up in my car. It is a glorious day and we are both dressed for the sun. You are wearing a simple stretch mini skirt, sandals and a bikini top; I am just in a t-shirt and shorts. I am feeling frisky with all of the sunshine and can’t stop myself sliding an exploratory hand up your inner thigh, revealing a bare shaven pussy, already slightly damp. “Fancy some sandy action” I ask. Your reply is a simple “mmmm.”We jump from the car and I grab your hand, pulling you along a narrow path between the dunes. As we reach the water’s edge I glance along the golden sands. The only other people I can see are some guys surfing a way away and a guy walking his dog. I walk you into the ankle deep water. It is surprisingly warm and we paddle, hand in hand, splashing each other with our feet. Using a judo throw, I trip you over and send you to the sand, lying on your back in an inch of gently lapping water. I kneel over you and start to kiss your neck, biting and nibbling my way down to your bikini top. My leg is gently prising yours apart until my knee is able to rub against your bare pussy, the water trickling between your thighs. I pin your hands above your head and bite your nipples through the thin material of your bikini. You are grinding your hips against my thigh as I kiss the skin between your gorgeous tits. My cock is growing in my shorts and I slide down to press it against you, allowing you to feelI release your hands and move my hand down to press my fingers between your legs, feeling the warm water where it meets your pussy lips. I slide a finger inside your hot cunt and gently begin to finger fuck you right there at the water’s edge. You are moaning and your hand rubs across my bulge, teasing my cock through my shorts.”Let me fuck you right here,” I plead but you say no, and that you want to go into the dunes and get filthy with me. Your reply causes my cock to jerk again, and I climb off of you, helping you to your feet. You lean to me and whisper into my ear, “Fetch the blanket from the car, I will meet you in the dunes.” I ask you where but you simply tell me that if I want to fuck you that badly I will find you!! With that you turn and run off out of sight amongst the tall grasses and the sand dunes. I jog gently back to the car and grab the big blanket from the boot. With it I take a bottle of suntan oil, lock the car and turn around to try and find you.As I pass through the path again I scramble up onto a dune, scanning around to see if I can locate you. There is not a sign of you. Then, as I stand quietly, I hear a low moaning from a hollow in the dunes just ahead of me. As I walk towards the source of the sound I notice that the two surfers are closer to us now, but still a little way off. As I crest the next dune my eyes fall on a delicious sight. You are laid on your back with your legs spread wide, your skirt around your waist, and three fingers of your right hand buried in your pussy. Your other hand is pulling at your nipples, your eyes are closed and your hips are gently rising and falling as you fuck yourself.I creep up to you and lay the blanket out beside you. I lean down and whisper softly in your ear that you might be more comfortable if you slid onto it. You duly do so, your hand not straying from your pussy, the fingers squelching as they plunge in and out. I strip quickly, my cock swaying in the warm breeze and I kneel down taking the bottle of oil and flipping off the top. I dribble a little into my hand and go to massage it into your naked tits, your top having been removed, but you tell me to stop and lick your pussy for you instead.Instantly I drop the bottle and move down your body. As I fall between your thighs you slip your soaking fingers from your hot cunt and offer them to my lips. I suck and lick the warm juices from your fingers before plunging my tongue into your pussy to replace them. I begin to flick it across your gorgeous clit and gently tease your outer pussy lips, my hands applying pressure to your inner thighs, holding them apart for my exploring tongue.As I continue my delicious task I hear you gasp and say “what the fuck” I look up from my sanctuary to see the dog-walking guy rubbing oil into your rounded tits. He looks at me and simply says “I didn’t want these lovely tits to burn,” and you giggle, before taking his hands and moving them across your breasts. He is in his mid forties but looks fit and tanned, his dog nowhere to be seen. You look down at me. “Back to work pussy-licker,” you order, and you push my head gently back down between your thighs. As my head descends and my tongue returns to its task, I hear you ask him to show you the contents of his shorts. I want to look up, but I do not want to interrupt my attention to your sopping cunt, the juices trickling out and running down my chin an indication of how much the situation is turning you on.I hear a zip then you huskily moaning “mmm lovely,” and I feel your body move under me. It is obvious you have taken the guy’s cock into your mouth and are sliding your head back and forth along its length, which judging by your actions must be quite substantial.I sneak a short peek and see him straddling your chest as he fucks your mouth, your hands on the cheeks of his backside. We continue for a couple of minutes, before you cum over my face gasping, “I need cock in my cunt, NOW!” You push the guy off and grab me by my hair to pull my tongue from your pussy. You stand up and order the guy to lie down. For the first time I can see his cock, long, thick and hard, wet from your saliva. As he drops to the blanket you swing your leg over him and drop onto his rampant cock, guiding it swiftly into your yearning pussy. You begin to bounce on it and then beckon me to stand in front of you. I lean over and you grab my cock, drawing it onto your hot mouth where the stranger’s cock had been moments before. I feel your tongue flicking across my helmet and the powerful suck of your cheeks. The stranger’s hands are on your tits and you are grinding yourself into him, shuddering as a vicious orgasm overtakes you.My eyes are closed and my hips are gently pumping at your mouth as the three of us move together like one animal. They open when my cock is dropped from your mouth and I hear you say, “Hello boys, did the noise intrigue you” The two surfers are stood beside you, the wayward dog between them, its collar grasped firmly in the hand of the taller of the two fit young wetsuit clad men. “No, we found this dog wandering on the beach and were looking for its owner. You look like your having fun, so we will tie him up and leave you all to it.” With that you snap, “You will do no such thing.” Your hands come up to rub the firm chests through the wetsuits, glistening black still wet from the sea. As my cock swings freely, and you continue to ride the dog-walker’s cock, your hands drop to rub the rapidly filling crotches of the two young surfers. “I have a better idea,” you say with a wicked gleam in your eye. “Take the dog’s collar off,” you instruct me. I do as you wish and hand it to you. “Put itLeaving the dog inside I race back to the dune. The sight that greets me is straight from the hardest porn video. The taller surfer is now on his back with you laid over him. The other has his cock in your mouth and the dog-walker is stood behind you holding something in his hand. As I get up close I can see that it is the dog’s lead, which he has clipped to your collar and is now using to pull you back against the cock in your tight wet cunt. As he does he is rubbing his cock with oil from the bottle, and as I stare open mouthed he starts to ease his cock against your tight arse. I cannot believe that you are letting this happen, but you are lost in ecstasy as these three strangers make you their bitch.You notice me, but pay me no attention as you concentrate on enjoying your fucking. All three guys are now pumping at you, the dog-walker’s cock deep in your arse. I have no choice but to pump my cock in my fist as I watch you. Suddenly the guy at your head snaps his hips backwards and pulls his cock from your mouth. His hand comes onto it and he jerks it hard. The first jet of hot come lands across your face, then you open your lips wide to let him shoot another straight into your mouth. Twice more his cock twitches and shoots hot cum into your slutty face, leaving it dripping with this horny surfer’s young spunk.This triggers the other two and they speed up their pumping. The dog-walker is tugging on your leash as he pounds his cock into your arse. I have lost number of the times you have come, as he pulls his cock from your tight rear and jerks his hot cum over your back, landing in pools along your spine. As he steps aside the other surfer continues to pump your hungry cunt. You sense that he cannot last much longer, so you lift yourself off of him and slide down to take his cock between your oily tits. As you hold them around his cock he fucks them, allowing me room to stand and ease my bursting cock into your mouth. The surfer grunts and I feel his come hit the underside of my balls, then my own orgasm starts. As the first jet hits the back of your throat you plunge your head down hard to take me right to the back of your mouth. I feel my balls empty into your hot mouth, and then you let me slip from your lips.I move away and you climb off of the surfer. Your face is dripping with cum, your hair matted and your tits holding a river of sticky white spunk as it dribbles downwards. You flop onto your back, and look at the four guys who have just fucked you. Licking your lips you look me straight in the eye and say, “I told you I wanted to get filthy with you didn’t I” As my cock begins to wilt and the guys get dressed I have to admit that you did!!